HD Sportster 48 — sold

Harley Davidson Sportster Forty Eight

It will be his first real motorbike in years. After a heavily tuned manual Vespa with 30 HP on the rear wheel and a number of sports cars from Maranello, now at last, he will own the desired Milwaukee Twin.
It should become a slim bike, intended for riding downtown, clean and classy at the same time. Major changes, but only visible at a second glance.
We receive the bike as it came off the production line, painted in standard black, mileage only 1600 km. Here it is, our XL 1200 X.
The classic Harley modification, they say, does not need an angle grinder or welding equipment. This job is not for us, we thought. But, we became interested.
We develop a sensible conversion package and begin to understand the direction to take with this bike. This is going to be a Harley which we all will be proud of riding and showing off.
This is what we do: Conversion to 180 mm wide-base-tires with white side walls, number plate on the side, heck fender shortening and cleaning, indicator and back lights, drag-bar with hidden cables inside, tank lift and coil re-location, BSL exhaust system, staggered top chop, increased performance with ECU, lowering of the front and back, shortened and lowered front fender, completely new paint, tank hand painted with a line of gold dust inlays.
Check out what has become of it.

Motorcycle: HD Sportster 1200 Forty Eight
Horsepower: 80 HP
Cubic capacity: 1202 ccm
Manufactured: 2014


– Dunlop whitewall tires, series size, front
– Dunlop whitewall tires, 180mm rear on 4.5 inch rim
– Progressive 40mm lower front and rear
– BSL exhaust system
– Milled Fender bridge, front
– heavily modified front and back fender
– Mud Brown complete lacquering

– ThunderMax ECU Tuning
– Fehling handlebars with cable management

– M-disc Handlebarwinker
– Colorado Rear winker
– Tank lift 35mm
– shifted ignition coil
– Various brass parts (footrests, tank cap, handles, etc.)
– Various black-coated engine parts

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