Honda XR600R Urban Crosser

Puh. We are happy to be done with it. Till yet our most longlasting project ever. For sure. Looking back it’s pretty cloudy. But now we can’t do anything about it anymore.

A Honda XR600R from 1992 war the base model we have shot. So with white frame, bright-yellow discolored plastic tank and a red seat bench. Pretty shabby it has been, as Tom pulled her home from upper Austria where he bought it in the dark. A few stickers from the „Erzbergrodeo“ proofed that the Honda had been used appropriately. Believing Tom, the engine was running when the preowner started it in Linz where it has been located back then. At home it didn’t. So I had to wait almost a year to hear the piston going up and down by own force.

But let’s take one at a time. Dismantled it was pretty fast. The issues never appear here interestingly. The built up should be done with a nice steel tank and pretty fenders made from aluminum. It should become an „Urban Crosser“. The front wheel must get smaller, definitly. Maybe the back wheel should grow an inch. Anodized in champagne-matte, a very fancy dressup.

Technically it should be an all-new, so far so clear. Engine and Suspensions have been dismantled and refurbished, our client meanwhile cancelled the whole idea of steel tank and aluminum fenders, it should get a plastic tank from 1987 and the rear plastics from a 250ccm Honda. Colorwise more than the 80ies.

In opposite to that, we were free concerning the electrics, finest motogadget Instuments, LED signals and button switches, Alarm and Li-Ion battery.

Last but not least we were happy to push him towards some LED headlights and aluminum front and side bezels, painted in shabby yellow.

After one year of building it back and forth, it can move out now. We are satisfied with it. Damn.

Motorbike: Honda XR600R
Horsepower: 45 PS
Displacement: 591 ccm
Modelyear: 1992


– motogadget tiny with signal lights
– red – matte powdercoated frame
– Swingarm and Aluminumparts brushed and with matte clearcoat
– Continental TKC 80 tires
– Refurbished engine with new painted side covers
– Chrome Enduro handlebar with rigid brace

– shortened seat bench in trafficblue with horinzontal Stiching
– Sebring FreeRide Sportexhaust
– Rizoma Club S backlights 3-1
– Motogadget m-disc
– m-unit with buttom controls
– LED headlamps
– Aluminium side covers and front bezel