YAMAHA XS500 (TX500) VooDoo

After all the bavarian flats we were searching for a project that is different. Totally different. Maybe a little bit strange. Outside the normal range. Our thoughts curved around. Wasn’t there one of our bikes left in the abandoned pigsty of our friend Chris? The old XS500, a very rare Nipponclassic. Modelyear 1973, with the old round tank, this series was built only for one year. Previously weh ad bought this motorcycles about 2 years ago in the South of Burgenland. We have visited the preowner René originally because of a completly different bike. After drinking a beer or two and the exchange of some fuelsoaked stories, the magic moment was reached. René opened up another garagedoor. And there she was. In all her glory, looking a bit battered. René never had started it, the fuel petcocks had been removed, a huge rev counter was sitting right in front of the upper triple clamp. Inspecting it a bit better, it was clear that this motorcycle has not been driving on the street legally for a long time. The twin has been converted into a low budget race bike. Clip-ons, no mufflers, a single blue cable going from the batterie to a switch next to the rev counter and back to the ignition coil. Short trottle. That’s it when it comes to „options“. We had seen enough. Tried to find a place on our trailer. Let’s hope we have enough money in our pockets.

A mystic project goes it’s way. Maybe not a daily commuter bike. Our Voodoo machine.

Motorbike: Yamaha XS500 (TX500)
Horsepower: 49 HP
Displacement: 498 ccm
Modelyear: 1973


– front fork and brakes of XS650
– LED headlamps
– handmade Voodoo fairing from Blechmann
– handpaintings from I-flow
– partly refurbished engine with black engine covers
– Seat made from nake skin and burlap

– Megatone mufflers
– Motogadet M-pin signals front and rear
– m-unit and new wiring harness
– clip ons
– LED rear light “Bates Style”
– shrinkhead Pedro
– Leather strapsystem for winebottle with Candle
– handmade and chromed licenseplate holder made from chain links
– diverse Voodoo Verzierungen
– böses Karma