BMW R100

BMW R100 Milano — sold


BMW R100 Milano
Snow is blowing; idyllic countryside. We see it leaning in the far corner of a garage of an elderly man. Here it is. It has a lot of stories to tell,
exciting stories. It all happened a long time ago.We blow off the dust, pack it up and are back on the road.Next steps: Unpacking, dismantling,
disassemblying, engine apart. Grinding, sanding, painting.The new owner, an Italian man who is almost two meters tall, has set his
requirements: Scrambler, 2-seater, conservative, dark.The flat bench needs to get higher – we build a new metal frame. Frame and fitted parts
are coated in black, exhaust system gets tailor made, painted in Maserati blue…
In the meantime the sun had melted the snow and it is time for the very first test run after 10 years. Success! (refer to video)
Out onto the street. Carburetor is causing minor problems, screws tightened a little bit, we are synchronizing and off we go again. The
initially planned 50 km test run turns into an enjoyable 200 km. Just like that. Just for fun.To make sure the bike really runs well, the tests are repeated the next
day.We load the “baby” into the bus and take it to Milan. Before I have finished my desert, the new owner already takes his first test run. He
couldn’t wait. Big grin on his face as he returns. Everyone happy.
Motorbike: BMW R 100 RS
Horsepower: 70 HP
Cubic capacity: 980 ccm
– T & T tachometer with digital speedometer
– Lacquered headlight bucket
– Heidenau K60 Scout tires
– Microblasted engine and transmission
– Extra high Enduro handlebar
– Bench with Alcantara insert and cross stitching
– Sebring Sport Exhaust System
– 2 seater concept
– Bullet Turn
– LED taillight