BMW R100

BMW R100 Pratter — sold


BMW R100 Pratter

“Oh please, not another R100!”, were our initially thoughts. Sure, it’s easier to work on a bike if you know it inside out, but the Bike Builder always enjoys a surprise.
Our doubts disappear once we meet the owner. A really cool guy with lots of interests, who truly loves old bikes and is so enthusiastic about them that he reminds me very much of Tom.
He very precisely points out his expectations. We explain our experience with BMW bikes builds and it seems a perfect match. When he tells us about the color he wants for the frame, we struggle. Man!
We have to let the idea about this bright blue color sink in for a while before we continue. Once we agree on a contrast color for the tank and the fender, it all starts to make sense. And the winner is: a tin-grey metallic paint, the paint used on the 918 Porsche, the most expensive surface paint we ever used (liquid metal silver, Porsche’s premium charge of 47,600 Euros). We manage to impress the probably fussiest biker in the whole of Central Europe with a few more additional refinements. A perfect chassis adjustment and – thanks to the funnel and exhaust system – an overwhelming power which we had not experienced with any other R100 with standard cylinder before.
The end result: This bike has every right to be in the front row. Not more. Not less.


Motorbike: BMW R 100 RS
Horsepower: >70 HP
Cubic capacity: 980 ccm
Manufactured: 1982

– Motoscope tiny speedometer
– BMW R-NINET headlights
– Heidenau K60 Scout tires
– Oldschool Starter hood and Bellmouth
– LSL Superbike handlebars with cable management
– Minimal electrics with m-unit and m-button
– M-switch Micro switch
– M-disc Handlebarwinker

– Brembo performance brake pump
– Porsche 918 Spyder “liquid metal” paint
– Kellermann Bullet Turn 3 in 1
– Real leather seat with cross stitching
– Sebring Sport Exhaust System
– Specially prepared deep Plate Holder