VooDoo Yamaha XS500

XS500 (TX500)

YAMAHA XS500 (TX500) VooDoo

After all the bavarian flat twins we were after something else again. Maybe something extraordinary. Completely off the norm. I let my thoughts fly around. In the abandoned pigsty of a friend we still had outsourced a machine that would fit our idea. An old XS500, a rare classic out of the Nippon shelf. 1973 was the year of construction, with the smooth round tank built only one year. We bought this bike about 2 years ago in Southern Burgenland. At the previous owners house we were originally pitched for something completely different. We had a beer or two,
told each other petrol stories and then we came to the special moment. René opened another garage door. And there she was. In full splendor, and yet pretty battered.
René had never started the Yamaha, the fuel taps were dismantled, a huge tachometer in the middle of the upper triple clamp. On closer inspection, it was clear that this bike was not driven on the street since a long time. The Twin had been uncompromisingly switched to racing. Clip-ons, straight pipes no exhaust, a single blue wire from the battery forward to a
toggle switch and back to the ignition coil. Quick throttle gas.That’s all with special equipment. Enough seen. We found some room in our trailer. And hoped that we have enough buckswith us.




FOR SALE € 4.999,00

Motorcycle: Yamaha XS500 (TX500)
Power: 49PS
Displacement: 498ccm
Modelyear: 1973
– front fork and brakes from a XS650
– LED headlamps
– handmade alloy Voodoo fairing from Blechmanns mother
– handpainted from I-flow
– revised engine with black side covers
– seat made from snake skin and jute
– Megatone sportmuffler
– Motogadet M-pin signals on front and rear
– m-unit and new wiring loom
– tiefer Stummellenker
– LED taillight in Bates look
– shrink head Pedro
– leather straps for a wine bottle or candleholder
– chromed license plate bracket made from a chain
– Voodoo dress-ups
– bad Karma