‘One’ VS ‘DeathProof’

‘One’ VS ‘DeathProof’

We : Build. Ride. Explore


Last weekend we joined in at the MBE in Verona (MotorBikeExpo) and at Cockpit’s Grand Opening (Bike Bar) in Vienna. With our TITANs – ‘One’ and ‘DeathProof’ – one might see two totally different Bikes uprising from our garage. That might be true in the first place, looking at the output, their appearance, … and not to mention the price. But beauty and design is one point. Let us take You for a ride. To a closer look:


FROM THE FIRST CUSTOM BUILT TILL NOW. Every moment, when we decide to make a Motorcycle, built with our own hands, we do not only raise the question: “What are we going to do with her?” For us, building custom Motorcycles is more than disassembling parts, dissecting them and mounting gadgetry. We treat those machines on two wheels as if they had a soul. Looking for their spirit.

Here at TITAN, we design Motorcycles mainly while we build them. Drawings and visualizations may not be absolutely essential but are a great add-on by now. Cutting, building, welding … Lines and forms. To see it. To see her. Build her. Of course, how we want her to be. But moreover: How she wants to be. What’s her soul? And last but not least: Who’s the rider? What’s the rider’s spirit. As they (will) become one.


Michl Siebenhofer building the TITAN One


WE EXPLORE THINGS. – not only when we ride. That’s the thing those two Bikes, the TITAN ‘One’ and ‘DeathProof’ (and all of ours), have in common. And . . . what’s more when we build the Bike – We experiment. Give things a try. Go to the limits. We experience. We discover. We learn. Why? Because there is always something to be discovered. Things where we can still improve on. Practical experience driven by our curiosity. However. To have FUN. To enjoy must not be forgotten.


WITH HER OWN STORY. With her own character. That is what makes every Motorcycle built by TITAN – unique.
And finally a Bike just like You.


Michl Siebenhofer. Build. Ride. Explore. Titan Myrmidon


Now, You see our handcraft. Our Mark.




More of the TITAN ‘One’: https://titan-motorcycles.com/titan-one/

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